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As you know free speech is under attack and we all need to stick together to stop it. As an author and creator who believes in free speech and American values, I don’t enjoy turning my stories over to a publisher to have it ripped apart and filled with the politically correct issues of the day. My stories are meant to be told as they are written and those values, which they are based on. They wouldn’t sit well with a lot of publishers out there. That left me with only one option, become an indie author. It has not been easy to do, but at least my work is in my head. Without having a big publisher backing me, it’s very difficult to get the word out and sell books. I rely on my website more and more to help fund my limited revenue stream.

Scottie & Rex is my first free story and I am hoping to do more free releases in the future. By support this story you will help to expand my ability to bring more stories to my website and promote all of my work. You can also help support my work by using my Amazon and eBay links when shopping on those sites. Once you click the link, anything you buy will give me a small commission for referring you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read Scottie & Rex and for your support. Please send an email below and let me know you’re a Support Partner.


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