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Charles Little spent most of his childhood and teenage years with a book in his hands. He developed a desire to become an author while working on short stories and other creative writing assignments in school. His descriptive writing talent showed through in these assignments, with teachers often commenting that the vivid scenes and pictures he painted made them feel as if they were actually part of the story. As a young adult, Charles attempted on more than one occasion to write a book, but life always seemed to get in the way. On top of the challenges of a busy schedule, he came to feel that he was a writer without a story to tell. He’d all but given up on his dream until he read some book ideas that his friend and now collaborator Troy Pendleton had outlined. Those ideas came to life for Charles and for the first time since he was a kid, he felt like he finally had a story to tell. He co-founded New Legend Books and Comics with Troy and their first venture was the book “Dead or Alive: The Reaper’s Redemption”. With his lifelong dream finally realized, Charles now plans to continue writing and wishes to help others see their dreams of being an author come true as well.

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Tammy studied writing at The Institute of Children's Literature in Danbury, CT. Her writing has grown and developed into more mature characters and is not limited to either genre.  Though once a native of Indiana she now resides with her husband and two grown children in the hills of Kentucky.  Besides writing, her love of painting, pie making, and family pets keep her busy from day to day.  Tammy makes repeat trips to her local movie theatre, where she finds that many of the plots are unfortunately predictable.