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What a great story that didn’t get told. This movie looked great and if you are just looking for something
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I loved the first two Bill and Ted movies and I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan but this movie
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That verse came to me last night when I was drive through town. Like many of you, I am really
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Like many of you, this mask stuff is really getting on my last good nerve. Though I do have to
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I am hard to please when it comes to movies. Most movies and TV shows, I figure out relatively quickly
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I am not going to do a long review on this except to say what a disappointment this film was.
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This movie was watchable but don’t expect a lot from it. It was very predictable. The cast did a pretty
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For the last few days I have noticed a Black Lives Matter ad popping up on my Netflix every time
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The time has come when I believe all of will have to decide what kind of country we want. That
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I have spent many years feeling guilty because I missed my grandfather (Papaw) more than I missed my grandmother (Mamaw).
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