Tracker: New CBS Series

I recently watched the first episode of “Tracker” on CBS and Paramount+. My first thought when it came on was that I really liked the main character and the actor (Justine Hartley) who plays him. I have been a fan of his since his days on Smallville as Green Arrow. The first episode was not bad. Justin did a good job and the story was solid. His character is likable and has a mission in life, which also pays him well. The problem I had with the show was the DEI supporting cast that was put in place. Right off the bat, you can tell that no one else in the show got their jobs because they were the best actor/actress for the job. Most of them can’t act and got their job because they checked the right boxes. I have seen them before on other shows and they should not be in front of a camera pretending to be someone else.  I am not sure what multiverse this show is taking place in but it’s not anything like the real world. Time will tell but I believe that the horrible supporting cast will kill this show unless some changes are made. Let me know what you think.