Freedom or Socialist State, what will you choose?

The time has come when I believe all of will have to decide what kind of country we want. That sounds like a bold statement and something just a decade again people would have called a conspiracy theory but hear me out.  From the beginning we have been a two-sided country. Some colonists wanted to leave the British Emperor, and some did not. Some wanted an American King, and some did not. In the end we chose to leave and we chose a republic, not a monarch. We need this because the majority of people understood that it was the best option for the people. It allowed them to be free from tyranny. If the elected reps didn’t do what the people wanted, the people would remove them. They set up a brilliant blueprint for a free society. It truly put the power of the country in the hands of its people. Along the way we used the blueprint to ensure all Americans regardless of race or religion would all have those freedoms. Nothings perfect, but it was working better than even the founding fathers could have imagined. Wars came and went. We debated over rights and wrongs. We took opposite sides on issues from time to time but one thing remained, we all wanted to have the freest society we could or at least that’s what we thought.

Quietly during the second world war a small seed was planted.

“Government can do much people job of taking care of people than private industry.”

The seed led to welfare, social security, government loans, government house…etc. All of which sound like great ideas on paper. We have a “safety net,” as many like to call it, encase something happens. There were two major problems with this idea. First, when you have a safety net, it takes away the fear or losing and will make some people lazy.

“I know I have to walk this tight rope, but if I can’t or if it’s too hard, the safety net will catch me.”

The second is that it gives government powers that it was never supposed to have.  It was never supposed to be that kind of protector. It was meant to protect for foreign treats, not ourselves. These ideas now made the government a wealthy parent who would coddle us if we didn’t work hard enough to take care of ourselves. Now a parent instead of an employee the government took charge and decade after decade they took more and more control while handing out mountains of rules and debt.

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That brings us to today. We now have a group hell bent on not only growing that original seed but using it to replace the amber waves of grain with fields of socialism. This group no longer wants a free society, they want power and government control. With that said some of these people are not evil and not even really socialist, they are just under the impression that it would be fairer for everyone. I call these people the “that’s not fair” crowd. They don’t really want people’s freedom removed, they just want everyone to have the same things. The rest are power hungry devils who want to destroy this country and everything it stands for. The latter is winning among that group and I believe that the rest are going along in fear of the devils. They have now spread from the government into all types of media and they will lie, steal or kill, to accomplish their goals. Our country is being pulled apart by these lies.

“White people are racist”

“All cops are racist killers”

“Black people are scary”

“Men are chauvinists”

“Men are stupid”

“Minorites aren’t able to help themselves”

“Mothers are always the better parent”

“Women are way smarter than men”

“Believe all women”

“Divorced dads are dead beats”

“Know your truth”

“Everything is normal”

“The new normal”

I could go on all day, but I think you get the point. These lies don’t even have to match up with each other. They will tell you one lie, then tell you something completely different the next day. They have used these lies to splinter this country into factions. Small groups of people that can be controlled with lies. The side effect of these lies is fear, and that is going to crumble this country. Right now, fear of other races, cops, and an invisible sickness are the tools in use. Look what it is doing to us. We are telling on each other for not wearing a mask and “social distancing” while our cities are burning because “Cops are bad”. This has to stop. You can’t have freedom when the people will help enforce unconstitutional mandates by power hungry governors. You are playing right into the socialist hand book. They can’t maintain or control the people without the people being willing to tattle like children on each other. They know this and they are using it to force rules upon that break your God-given rights.

You also can’t have freedom without peace. Believe me I was more than outraged about what happen to George Floyd but burning down cities is not the way to deal with it and it will make things worse. These riots are planned and executed by the very same devils that I spoke of earlier. It’s done for two reasons. The first of which is to attempt to get rid of our President. Like his style or not, he is a man that like freedom and I believe he wants us to return to a free society. The devils don’t like this man because he speaks out against them and they want him gone at any cost. The other is to force the government to take over policing. This is something they have been trying to do since 9-11 when Homeland security was started. If Trump is forced to send in troops to squash these riots, it will not only look like he is using them to get his way but it will set the president for a power hungry socialist like the last guy we had to use them at will. This is a very dangerous time and I believe the days of not getting involved and the “it doesn’t affect me” attitude are over.  The time has come to stop this in its tracks.

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Trump will be forced to call in troops to stop this. It’s not long, just property damage, they are murdering people now, and it has to be stopped. The socialist Majors and Governors aren’t doing anything to stop it, so someone will have to. I hate to see that happen, but as President, what do you do when cities are burning and people are dying? The thing we can do is know this and understand that he is not trying to take power. I believe what he will do is call in the National Guard to return order and then the local police will then take it from there. With that said, if he was to use this as some kind of power grab, we would need to stand again him as well. I don’t believe that is the case though and when he does as I believe he will, we need to support him for it. We need to stop voting for people who have socialistic beliefs. You can no longer have the view of (he or she is in the same party as me so I have to vote for them.) You need to choose the person that you believe wants freedom, not socialism.

The other thing we must do is stop allowing and helping to enforce these mandates by these people. As free people we have the right to manage ourselves. If this virus scares you, then you have the right to wear whatever you want to protect yourself or even to stay home. If it doesn’t scare you, you should the same rights. Fear is getting the best of people and they are giving the state and local governments control over how we manage ourselves. Let me be clear because I know some of you are thinking it. I don’t like stupid laws that are freedom suppressive and over reach. I think they should be done away with, period. With that said, those are laws passed through proper channels. These COVID-19 mandates are not laws, they are orders from 1 person being carried out by others below them. As business owners, customers and citizens we have to stand up to these mandates and refuse to be forced into following them. Stop telling your customers they have to wear a mask. Stop telling your employees they have to wear masks. Business are forcing their employees and customers to wear a mask, stay six feet apart and following these mandates to the letter because they fear their overlords will smack them down. As a business owner, stop it. Stand up for the rights or your customers, employees and yourself. If you’re too small to standalone, join with others and stand together. As a customer, stop giving in. If you go to the door and they tell you “You have to wear a mask” turn around and walk away. If you go in and it’s a two hour wait because half the tables are closed down or there is too many people in the building, leave. When no one is shopping or eating there, the business will be forced to stand up. As an employee, tell your employer no. You may lose your job but again if enough people do this, the business will be forced to stand up. The people of this country have to take it back from the socialist who would see it destroyed. We have to stand united as free “Americans” first and correct the course we are on. Then we can discuss any other issue we might have as a society. I only hope that it is not too late and it can be restored.

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