Lost in Space: Season 2

Over my short Christmas break I got a chance to watch the second season of Lost in Space. Much like the first season, it was generally pretty good. The writing was a little lack luster on some of the episodes but overall not bad. I like the characters in this show and think they spend an equal amount of time building them and giving them all heroic actions. While this does become tiresome at times becomes in some episodes, the dangerous life altering scenes run right into each other and you don’t get a break from it. That’s great when you are making a two-hour movie but, in a series, you have to space this stuff out. There is no tension or belief of real danger is every second on the screen is life ending danger that doesn’t result in lives ending. The major downside to this show is the purposely added female agenda. It’s subtle but it’s there in abundance. To be fair, I think the writers are trying to be balanced but their version of balance is having a couple of good male characters and a lot of “strong female” characters. Will Robinson is the only male character that gets a real fair treatment in this show. The father is done well about 75% of the time though he does play second fiddle to the mother most of the time. The other male characters are either weak “soy-boys” or mean villain type characters. Over all though the show is watchable and if you ignore the subtle woke stuff, it’s not a bad show. Its action packed and the story movies along with each episode building on the last. You grow to care about the characters as you watch and the actors have great chemistry. Over all the show is worth watching, though I wish they would drop the agenda and just stick with good story telling. Give it a watch and see what you think.